Calvary Baptist Dental Clinic

is open the 2nd Thursday of each month(*Except December)

Procedures to Register

At 9am on the day of the Clinic, you must call (580)353-2008 and register with the Director who will be taking calls that morning.(*ONLY 1 person can be registered per call) Please keep in mind that there is only one phone line taking calls, so you may have to call back multiple times to get through.(*Only the first 25 callers will be seen that day) Once you successfully get through, please make sure that you give the person on the phone all of the information required. In the duration of the phone call, you will receive instructions on what to bring with you and what to expect that evening. Roll call will then happen @ 4pm at Calvary Baptist Church where you will then complete the “Patient Information Form” and be assigned a number (1-25). Please remember that if you are not present during “Roll Call”, a person on standby will be called and you will lose your spot.
As always, please remember that this clinic provides “tooth extractions ONLY” and patients must be *16 years of age or older. (*If the patient is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be present to sign a waiver) If you are on any medication, please have all that information with you.
*Also as a courtesy to our neighbors, please park in the church parking lots unless there is a physical disability. DO NOT park on the street.
(Please remember that this Free Clinic performs Tooth Extractions ONLY.)
The Clinic’s Director is Linda Rodgers who has done a wonderful job making this clinic successful year after year. We also would like to thank ALL of the area Dentists’ and volunteers who donate their time and services throughout the year. This ministry would not be successful without their willingness to serve.
The Dental Clinic gives Calvary Baptist Church an opportunity to minister both physically and spiritually to those who come to the Clinic! Christ has called us to help the hurting and that is exactly what this ministry does every month.
If you have any other questions about this ministry, please call (580)353-2006.