At Calvary 

Our goal is to give Jesus the honor He deserves as Lord of all. Though we are always a work in progress, we hope you will notice how we are focused on the greatness of our God and how His goodness toward us has led us to love and obey him, especially in caring for others regardless of background or season in life. Our hope is that you will experience the love and care of our Good Shepherd through the ministry and people of Calvary as we exalt Christ as Lord in all we do.

We are one family.

Since God has placed us in one family through Jesus, we celebrate our diversity and enjoy the unity we have in Christ.

We have one goal.

We are a community that is dependent on every member doing his or her part in order to become less like the world around us and more like Christ who saved us.

We have one mission.

Our mission is to share the gospel with all people regardless of their background or season in life. Our message is that of repentance and forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ alone.