Why should I join?
The Bible teaches that Jesus takes special interest in His Church. In fact, this very day Jesus is caring for and growing His Church in numbers and in maturity. His Church is not a physical structure but, rather, a group of people with different backgrounds, and, who are in different seasons of life, who have found themselves joined together because of their common trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
As God’s beloved children, we are now motivated and obligated to share in the blessings and responsibilities of this new family life. The Bible teaches that God has so uniquely gifted each member of His family that we are dependent on each member doing his or her part. By committing to a local church, one can be sure that he/she will be blessed by the family and will be a blessing to others.
New Member Orientation
To become a member of Calvary, one must attend a new member orientation that is offered once a quarter. In this orientation we cover topics such as salvation and baptism, the basic tenants of our faith and practice, and the mission and vision of Calvary. If you are interested in attending an orientation please let the pastor know. After completing orientation one may join through one of the following ways…
Through Baptism
Once a person has repented of sin and trusted in Jesus as Savior and Lord, he/she may then express his/her faith publicly through believers’ baptism and thus become a member of Calvary.
Through Letter
If a person is a member of another Southern Baptist church, he/she may join through transfer of letter where his/her membership will be transferred from his/her previous church to Calvary.
Through Statement of Faith
If a person is a baptized believer and a member of a non- Southern Baptist church, but holds to the core tenants of the faith as expressed in The Baptist Faith and Message 2000, he/she may join through statement of faith (i.e. Expressing, “I’ve repented & trusted in Christ. I’ve been biblically baptized. And I’m in agreement with The Baptist Faith and Message 2000.”)
Use the form below to register for our upcoming new members class April 7th and 15th beginning at 9:30 A.M.